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5 great podcasts for social impact professionals

Top social impact podcasts
Top podcasts for CSR, HR, DEI, and ESG professionals to learn cutting-edge social impact trends, best practices, and ideas.

Managing your company’s social impact initiatives is meaningful, purposeful work. But it can be hard to stay up-to-date on the newest sustainability, employee wellness, DEI, HR, ESG, and CSR best practices while also organizing experiences, building annual impact reports, and defining your organization’s impact areas for the upcoming year.

Enter, podcasts. With their engaging listening format and pithy interviews with industry experts, podcasts are a fun and easy way to incorporate social impact learning into your morning commute or afternoon walk.

Here, in no particular order, we share a few of our favorite social impact podcasts, each of which aims to inspire and inform listeners about responsible business and social impact employee engagement initiatives.

We hope you enjoy these podcasts as much as we do!

Top social impact podcasts

Hosted by Vicki Bohlsen, founder of the Indiana-based B Corp Certified marketing agency, the Bohlsen Group, Taking Care of Business is a podcast highlighting how conscious business can positively influence local and global communities, employees, and other stakeholders. New episodes are released every Thursday.

Gain new insights and advice from the world’s most inspiring social entrepreneurs. From exploring tangible ways to maximize your time to understanding top impact trends, host Paul Zelizer navigates complex topics important to social impact professionals.

Learn how top brands are leading their corporations through evolving economies while also prioritizing social impact. In The Caring Economy Podcast, host Toby Usnik chats with CEOs, founders, diversity officers, journalists, and authors to share their wisdom on all things mindful business.

Learn leadership tips from the pros. On The New Rules of Business podcast, you can identify how executives and managers from the world’s most innovative companies navigate social issues including inclusion and belonging, sustainability, empathetic leadership, effective employee engagement, and much more. Expect frank and dynamic discussions about the future of the workplace with some of the best and brightest minds in business and academia today. This podcast is created by Chief, a membership network for women executive leaders.

Forward-thinking human resource professionals will love WorkLife with Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist. Learn how some of the world’s top professionals and creatives maintain their drive, lead teams, inspire others, avoid burnout, and approach work-life balance. Interviewees include Dolly Parton, Malcolm Gladwell, Yo-Yo Ma, Abby Wambach, and many more.

Continuing education for social impact leaders

The above podcasts can help all social impact business leaders learn new ways to build a better workplace. From engaging employees to improving inclusivity to helping your workforce prevent burnout, these podcasts are worth a download.

Learn more about building social impact at your organization. Schedule a call with a team member today.


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