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We deliver purpose for a more engaged workforce

Our mission enhances the missions of impactful social organizations by facilitating mutually beneficial interactions between people and communities around the globe.

Certified B Corporation

Our story

While volunteering at a nonprofit, founder Michal Alter realized that social organizations had a superpower.

Not only are nonprofits forces for good around the globe, but also the focused nature of their work within specific communities makes them experts in their areas of impact.

Composed of passionate professionals such as educators, researchers, advocates, community organizers, and change-makers, nonprofits are the only organizations in the public and private sectors that have trusted relationships and deep, culturally informed knowledge of the groups they serve. 

Michal Alter

In other words, nonprofits are an untapped resource...

With her background in software engineering, Michal believed that technology could bridge this expertise with impact opportunities at scale for corporations, people, and communities worldwide through mutually beneficial experiences.

Michal founded in 2015, launching the world’s first employee engagement provider with social impact experiences at the core.’s mission: Enhance the work of great social ventures.

The method: Offer an unmatched, global variety of carefully designed, interactive experiences hosted in partnership with nonprofits. is one of the first Certified B Corps that is both women-led and women-founded and is the premium employee engagement solution for the world’s most innovative companies.

Our global team

We're a worldwide team of social impact experts committed to helping innovative enterprises make an impact in communities everywhere.

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Michal Alter

Co-Founder & CEO

Michal started her career at leading Israeli tech startups. She later transitioned to the social impact world, working for organizations such as the UN and Women's World Banking (WWB). Michal holds a MPA from Columbia University, a BA in East Asian Studies from Tel Aviv University, and a BSc in Computer Science from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion). She speaks English, Spanish, and Hebrew.

 Michal Alter

Gal Leibovich

Co-Founder & COO

While living in Ghana, Gal saw firsthand the impact of nonprofit organizations in different communities, and decided to apply his entrepreneurial background to help them generate sustainable income and do more good through

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