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What are ‘Do-Good’ Organizations? is the world’s largest platform for impact travel experiences hosted by do-good organizations. But what exactly is a do-good organization?

The short answer is that our partners consist of non-profit organizations, NGOs, community-based cooperatives, social enterprises, museums, schools, and more. This means that the host of each of our experiences serves a good cause — which ranges from  helping people, to animals, to the environment.

In addition to working with orgs that have great missions, also vets each and every one of our potential partners — ensuring that the travel experiences we offer on our site are socially responsible and benefit local communities. Therefore, all hosts must meet following criteria:

1. Operate with the involvement, consent, and engagement of the local community

2. Reinvest proceeds back into the community

3. Maintain a respectful approach towards local cultural traditions

4. Abstain from burdening local populations

5. Include meaningful and respectful interaction with members of the community

6. Prevent interaction with particularly vulnerable populations

7. Host tours and activities with environmental sustainability in mind

In other words, we make sure that our partner do-good organizations are in fact doing good. That is, benefiting the people and environment around them.

Take a look at the breadth of options you have to choose from when you partake in sustainable travel with We have 500+ experiences in 60+ countries, so this is by no means an exhaustive list. However, it gives you an idea of the wide range of causes which our do-g00d partners support, as well as a few examples of the immersive cultural activities they host around the world.


Saving bees means contributing to food production for humans!

Support the bee population at an Apiary in Leguevin, France. With our partner non-profit IDAPI, you will discover how honey is produced and help protect the bees from extinction.


Promote health through organic produce in Hawaii, United States. The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to planting edible, fruitful trees and plants to benefit the environment and all its inhabitants. Tour revenue will be invested in the local community to provide further planting events and greater access to fresh produce.


Help puppies and kittens in Krabi, Thailand. Lanta Animal Welfare is a charity organization that cares for abandoned dogs and cats in the area. This free tour has helped thousands of animals!

Human Rights

Promote human rights by supporting Sachsenhausen Memorial Camp in Berlin, Germany. Guided by Mosaic Tours, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the Holocaust and modern genocides, you will gain insight into the social and political upheavals which led to the camp’s creation and eventual destruction — while supporting organizations that defend human rights today.


Provide children in need with education in Arusha, Tanzania.Visit the coffee plantations of a small rustic town with our partner nonprofit Peace Matunda. Tour revenue will provide Tanzanian children with a better education and help them uncover their talents and creative outlets.


Get to know the local community of Mogna in Jachal while helping support the and improve the relationship between the artisanal and tourist communities.

Experience art, food, and culture in Rural Mogna in Jáchal, Argentina. Our partner community-based cooperative Mogna-Jahal Community Rural Tourism will introduce you to locals, teach you about traditional weaving, and so much more — which in turn, helps to preserve the precious culture of this rural community.

Economic Empowerment

Help promote the livelihoods of local artists and dancers.

Support a growing community of local artists when you witness traditional dances in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Non-profit organization Cambodia Living Arts is dedicated to promoting Cambodian culture and arts awareness. Tour revenue will be invested in programs to support the arts community.


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