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Supporting Vulnerable Migrant Communities through CSR

With extensive coverage in the media, there is no doubt that many people are interested in contributing to humanitarian efforts that will benefit vulnerable migrant communities. If your company is interested in using your corporate social responsibility program to support causes your employees care about, we’ve come up with a list of resources to help you get started. Whether your team is interested spreading awareness, donating, volunteering, or participating in a team-building activity for a cause — here are some options:

Get Informed & Spread Awareness

If you would like opportunities to support vulnerable migrant communities, the first and most important step in supporting them is getting educated on their rights. Learning from, promoting, and distributing correct information is one of the best ways to help. Here are some trusted resources:

  1. ACLU The ACLU “works in the courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States.” Here, you can find resources, such as information about the rights of migrants who encounter the police. These resources in particular aim to empower people through education. Your team’s advocacy can be as simple as getting informed. However, it could extend to having discussions about the migration experiences, posting links to resources on social media, or inviting experts to speak to your team about such issues through

  2. Welcoming America When transitioning to a new place, having a safe, supportive community is a crucial component of seamless integration to a safe and prosperous life. Welcoming America works to transform communities across the nation into diverse, inclusive places for all people. This organization’s site has abundant resources for both you and new members of your community including toolkits for how to build meaningful connection, how to build an inclusive local economy, and how to promote refugee and community wellness. You can also support Welcoming America by hosting a Welcome Week in your town.


Beyond getting informed, a great way to support any cause you care about is by donating to goods or funds — especially in NYC. If your team is looking for an organization to fundraise or organize a drive for, here is a list of options for you to consider:

  1. Adhikaar Adhikaar is a community center committed to social justice that supports the Napali-speaking migrant community in NYC.

  2. African Communities Together African Communities Together is an NYC-based organization that advocates for better civil rights and empowers African immigrants to successfully integrate socially, economically, and civically into the United States.

  3. Desis Rising Up Desis Rising Up, or DRUM, is an organization that supports South Asian immigrants through outreach,  leadership development, policy change, collaboration, and institution-building.

  4. Make the Road NY Make the Road NY is NYC’s largest immigration organization and works to build up the Latinx and working class community through policy change, community organizing, education, and legal services.

Volunteer Opportunities

If your company is interested in people who have been displaced, offers opportunities for corporations and individual employees to do something hands-on. Here are opportunities for your team to volunteer time and/or skills to benefit vulnerable migrant communities.

  1. Equip Immigrant Women With Job Seeking Skills Empower immigrant women by giving them the tools needed to obtain their first job in the NYC workforce.

  2. Diaspora Dinner Dining Experience Enjoy a full-service dinner crafted by an established chef and culinary historian whilst immersing yourself in an open dialogue about diaspora.

  3. Cooking Class With A Refugee Chef Support a social enterprise that provides refugees in NYC with culinary training and job opportunities while learning how to make a dish with talented chefs hailing from every corner of the globe.

  4. A Spice Tour Adventure That Supports Refugees Learn about the experiences of displaced migrants and have an experienced chef take you on a tour of specialty spice markets around NYC.

  5. Lunch & Learn With Refugee Chef Enjoy an in-office lunch buffet while supporting refugees in New York City and learning what it’s like to seek asylum in the United States.


No matter what your time and resources allow, you can get educated, promote resources, donate, volunteer, participate in team-building activities for a cause, and show your support in many other ways. If your team needs guidance on where to start, feel free to contact

Photo Cover Credit: Vonecia Carswell


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