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How to Increase Health, Happiness, and Productivity at Work

Increasing productivity at work, even when dealing with a wide range of employees, is actually simpler than one might assume. The key is to realize that productivity, health, and happiness are all interconnected.

Happy, fit employees who find meaning in their work, are more productive. So, it is important for corporations to invest in improving the workplace atmosphere. But what goes into a good working environment? We’ve put together a list of ways employers can foster positive, meaningful interactions that also increase productivity.

Increasing productivity at work requires paying attention to your employees health and happiness.

Provide Incentives

Offer incentives to top sales representatives or to those who receive positive reviews each month. Whether these incentives are monetary, or come in the form of a meaningful giveaway, you can tailor it to your company’s values. To make it more eventful, you can host regular contests to get your employees excited about their productivity.

The incentives don’t just have to be a reward for performing their daily tasks well. It can also be a reward for exhibiting leadership skills, or participating in team-building exercises. This will help increase morale, while showing your employees you value them.

Avoid Micromanaging

Rigidly overseeing your employee shows distrust. And this decreases morale, which also affects productivity negatively. Employees are largely capable of completing their tasks without constant supervision. So, it is best to allow them the freedom to take responsibility for their own work. This sense of ownership gives workers a sense of meaning in their daily tasks.

Instead of micromanaging, hold team meetings to discuss any issues your staff may be experiencing in their day-to-day work. Offer solutions and work together to determine the best route to take to keep your employees happy without interrupting their workflow. The best way to motivate employees to work harder is to offer a collaborative environment, where their input, solutions, and ideas are taken into consideration.

Provide Meaningful Experiences

When it comes to recruiting and retaining employees, corporations should know that workers are increasingly conscious about their contribution to the community. In particular, millennials are more likely to work for a company who they believe is making a positive impact on the world.

Some ways to provide meaningful experiences to your employees is by inviting them to participate in a variety of corporate social responsibility activities. From volunteering, team building activities for a cause, to wellness programs, there are countless ways to get employees engaged with a good cause that serves the greater community.

Provide Healthy Food and Drink Alternatives

While the vending machines of soda and candy might seem like a treat for some, junk food affects the overall health of an employee, which has lasting effects on their productivity. Healthy employees are much less likely to require extended time off from work. Plus, they are more readily available to take on new tasks and challenges. 

So, instead of junk food, consider offering healthier food and drink options in order to fuel your employees without the sugar crash. You can stock your pantry with fresh fruit and granola bars. And if you’re capable, you can even cater an organic meal for them once a week.

Providing healthy snacks and meals shows your employees that you care about their wellbeing, and that you value them in the longterm.

Create Ergonomic Workspaces

You can help prevent potential health problems that arise from poor seating or standing conditions. Learn about the common physical problems your workers are dealing with — whether it’s foot problems from standing too long, or back problems from uncomfortable seats. Then, you can provide ergonomic options, such as standing desks, or seats with lumbar support.

When employees’ physical discomfort is addressed, their overall attitude towards work will improve.


Ultimately, employers must understand what motivates employees to be productive. So, open up the conversation to them. Whether they are concerned about their physical wellness, or their contribution to the community, or both — you will likely see that improving their working environment will also improve their productivity.

Cover photo credit: Marvin Meyer


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