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How to Empower Women in the Workplace

As more businesses take part in improving gender equality, as well as diversity and inclusion, it becomes imperative that women are empowered in the workplace. This means offering women positions, giving women the freedom and agency to learn new skills and become self-possessed leaders, and creating a safe, accepting environment for women to work in.

While many things go into creating a company culture that is inclusive, we’ve come up with a tangible list of activities that you can participate in, in order to empower women at work.

1. Offer Employees Seminars on Gender Equality

Having workplace seminars about gender bias can inform and empower employees to change company culture from within. It’s important that these seminars address what to do when faced with discriminatory abuse or biased behavior. They should also create a safe environment that encourages people to call out such instances. Because a one-off company meeting about bias will have little impact, these in-office seminars should occur regular. Consider that some employees may have trouble airing out their grievances in a large group, and be sure to offer smaller groups as well.

2. Participate in an out-of-office activity that benefits women

Plan a fun corporate-team experience away from your work desk while also impacting women’s empowerment. When you book a corporate women’s empowerment activity, such as a cooking workshop, volunteer experience, yoga class, etc., you will bond with your team (which can be made up of women, men, and others!) as you benefit a good cause. With, 100% of host revenue guest invested into something meaningful. This means, you can tailor your itinerary to include activities that specifically support marginalized women.

3. Invite an inspirational woman to speak at your office

Spark a conversation about women’s issues when you invite a woman leader to speak at your office to inspire your team to become their fullest, best selves at work, while also becoming exposed to diverse ideas and identities. When booked through, many of the talks are also accompanied by a Q&A and/or activity to promote team bonding.

4. Invest in HR software

Use any of the many HR tools available in order to streamline your HR needs. For CSR programs in particular,’s SaaS platform works as a one-stop-shop for employee-driven social impact. Learn more by emailing


Empowering women in the office requires a workplace culture of inclusion. Turn these three activities into achievable goals for your team in order to get inspired, bond with each other, learn about women’s empowerment, and contribute directly to the cause.


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