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How this nonprofit helps Japanese students expand their global mindset

Come On Out Japan enables students to develop cross-cultural connections while learning English
Come On Out Japan enables students to develop cross-cultural connections while learning English.

Between understanding subject-verb agreement and deciphering tenses, learning English as a second language (ESL) can be challenging enough. Plus, the difficulty doesn’t stop after nailing the grammar. Learning how to confidently speak English can take years to master.

That’s where Come On Out Japan steps in.

Founded in 2015, Come On Out Japan is a nonprofit organization based in Musashino, Tokyo that aims to help school-aged children in Japan accelerate English learning, gain confidence in their speaking skills, and widen their world-views about important issues.

By hosting intensive English learning camps with counselors from universities around the world, Japanese students can experience the diverse accents of native English speakers and immerse themselves in a cross-cultural environment.

“Come On Out Japan helps young people build their English skills, grow their confidence, and meet inspiring people from around the world,” explains Brian Neufuss, founder and director of business development for Come On Out Japan.

Immersive English-learning programs

The nonprofit’s ESL programs include in-person camps, mentoring, and online experiences.

Topics discussed during the camps can include any of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), and a wide array of current issues such as AI, climate change and sustainability, mental health, entrepreneurship, social media, remote learning, and gender equality.

Come On Out Japan is enabling students to shore up their English skills, meet new international mentors, and become fluent in crafting solutions for the world’s most important issues.

Learn more about this nonprofit partner — and explore more social impact experiences — by reaching out to our team.


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