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10 corporate volunteer opportunities in NYC

Corporate volunteer opportunities in NYC
Explore employee engagement activities that support local nonprofits in New York City.

In major cities like New York, corporate social responsibility (CSR) carries immense importance. The scale of business operations and population density magnify a company's influence – both positive and negative – underscoring the essential role CSR plays in a city’s well-being.

In New York City, the largest metropolis in the nation, CSR is one way corporations can make a sustainable community impact, all while addressing their organization's goals and embracing employee welfare.

In this article, you’ll discover fun, creative CSR and corporate volunteer experiences in NYC. These experiences focus on practical activities that bring positive change to both businesses and the causes they support.

Whether your team is interested in boosting your DEIB program, contributing to community members in need, deepening team bonds, and more, these 10 corporate volunteer opportunities in NYC can get you started.

1. Mentor student community members

Use your team’s skills and experience to help students achieve their professional aspirations through in-depth discussions about their career goals and how to access them.

2. Participate in a cooking class

Recommended experience: Pasta-making 101

In this class, employees will gain a valuable, self-sustaining cooking skill by learning to make pasta from scratch while also contributing to food programs that empower women.

3. Learn about Black history

Participants will explore the African and Indigenous origins of humanity through a talk encompassing Black art, culture, history, land, love, joy, and pain.

4. Improve your company’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB)

Elevate your organization's DEIB initiatives with an insightful workshop. Employees will acquire fresh skills and strategies for promoting inclusivity and belonging in the workplace.

5. Learn about the refugee experience

Recommended experience: An interactive talk led by refugees

Attendees will engage with a Hispanic/Latinx refugee, and hear firsthand about their experiences of finding hope despite displacement and discrimination.

6. Make posters

Employees will discover the historical significance of poster iconography and get creative by making their own socially informed poster.

7. Help bridge the digital divide

Volunteers will make a difference in people's lives by providing low-income individuals access to technology through the collection and refurbishing of laptops.

8. Enhance disability awareness and belonging

Equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to create an environment where all employees can flourish and achieve their full potential.

9. Support Black artists

Immerse your team in the artistry of the Black community by listening to live stories, spoken word performance, and song. Your participation will support the livelihoods of Black performers.

10. Support people experiencing homelessness

Gather essential garments, such as socks, to make a positive impact on individuals overcoming homelessness in New York City.

Current corporate partners can book any of these experiences on our platform. If you are not yet a corporate partner, schedule a demo to get started with NYC-based corporate experiences.


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