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8 corporate volunteer opportunities in Denver

Corporate volunteer opportunities in Denver
Explore engaging team activities that support local nonprofits in Denver, Colorado.

In the vibrant cultural and environmental landscape of Denver, the role of business in cultivating good in the community is vital to its credibility and success. 

For businesses in the region seeking an opportunity to make a positive impact on the local community while aligning organizational goals and employee well-being with the global standard, here are 10 Denver-specific social impact experiences for the whole team. 

(Psst ... Current corporate partners can book any of the below experiences on our platform. If you are not yet a corporate partner, schedule a demo to get started with Denver-based social impact experiences.)

1. Offer nutritious meals to those in need

Engage in meaningful corporate social responsibility in the Denver metro area by volunteering as a team to serve a comforting meal at a local senior residence. In addition to offering nourishment, this act of kindness provides invaluable companionship and fosters genuine conversations with the elderly residents.

2. Support the LGBTQ+ community

Tailor care kits that provide helpful mental health resources to LGBTQ+ community members. This hands-on experience in Denver exemplifies the positive impact that businesses can have when they extend their commitment beyond the workplace and into the heart of the community, creating a stronger culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB).

3. Make an impact on those experiencing homelessness

Show neighbors experiencing homelessness that they are cared for and deserving of a life lived with dignity by assembling and distributing care kits filled with hygiene items and other essentials. By participating in initiatives like this, your team not only contributes to the well-being of the community but also actively embraces the principles of corporate social responsibility.

4. Provide for animals in need

Alongside your team, handcraft engaging toys for shelter dogs and cats before neatly packaging them in kits to be donated to Denver animal shelters.

By supporting animals in need, you establish a company culture that shows you care for even the most overlooked members of the community.

5. Distribute needed medical supplies

Elevate employee engagement and corporate social responsibility by rallying your team to volunteer at a local warehouse dedicated to organizing donated medical supplies for under-resourced communities in the Denver metro area.

This collaborative effort not only provides essential support to those in need but will also strengthen the bonds within your team as they work side by side.

6. Support vulnerable community members

Gather together for a workshop on how to support those experiencing disability and domestic violence, and discover practical ways to help.

This engaging opportunity not only aligns with the principles of corporate social responsibility but also fosters a sense of shared purpose and preparedness among team members.

7. Reduce waste

Help your team make a difference on the planet starting from their immediate vicinity. Join a workshop to learn helpful habits to reduce food waste in day-to-day life, while gaining a greater understanding of the global impact of local action.

8. Take action for the environment

Work with your team to encourage environmental action from the community. Pack kits that help recipients live more sustainably and conscious of the wildlife surrounding them.

This initiative not only demonstrates your corporate commitment to environmental impact but also actively engages your team in promoting sustainable practices within the Denver community.

Ready to take the next step in social impact? Reach out to to schedule a call with a member of our team.


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