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Best Virtual Volunteer Activities for the 2020 Holiday Season

Even at work, the holiday season is a time of celebration, joy, and taking a step back to appreciate — and share — blessings with others. While in years past, this time of corporate volunteering would happen in person, the events of 2020 have moved companies and their employees to contribute to their community virtually.

As work and life have increasingly migrated to the digital realm, giving back online has grown beyond the limits of donating cash to crowd-sourcing fundraisers. Now, there are a variety of fun, engaging, and socially-distanced ways to make a social impact with your team during the holidays.

Here are a few virtual volunteering activities your corporate team can do to make an immediate and lasting impact on your community this holiday season:

Prevent Food Waste and Insecurity

Spend an eye-opening virtual lunch hour with your coworkers while learning about food waste and insecurity. When you book this activity, revenue goes towards helping to feed the hungry. The nonprofit partner that facilitates this activity distributes 10,000 pounds of fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables for people experiencing food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Give Gifts to Hospitalized Children

Work as a team to bring joy to a pediatric patient this holiday season. Coming together on a Zoom call to assemble a holiday care package, you and your team will uplift children who have been isolated in a hospital due to the COVID-19 crisis. Hospitals have had to impose visiting restrictions for patients even during the holidays, but you can still send gift bags to spread joy and lift their spirits. 

Reach out to Isolated Seniors

Something as simple as a warmhearted message in a holiday card can help seniors cope with social isolation. Meet with your team online to flex your creative muscles and write encouraging messages to those who need it. Cards can be made by hand or digitally! Revenue from this volunteer activity supports programs that provide care and resources for isolated seniors. 

Provide Care to Kids Impacted by Natural Disasters

Help kids impacted by natural disasters cope with stress and anxiety by virtually coming together as a team to each create a kit of fun activities and comforting materials to give them joy during the holidays. You and your co-volunteers will each receive a package containing instructions on how to assemble a care kit, and then you will meet on Zoom to work on them together while learning about your impact. 


For more opportunities to make a difference this holiday season, head to our website or reach out to us at

Cover photo courtesy of Volodymyr Hryshchenko


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