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5 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement with Corporate Social Responsibility

Business leaders are becoming increasingly aware of the need to invest in their corporate social responsibility. These giving back programs have been shown to motivate and engage employees. has noted how Millennials, especially, prioritize working for companies that care about contributing to social good. As this generation begins to takeover the workforce, it is essential that corporations offer CSR programs in order to ensure employee engagement and happiness.

Bring Corporate Social Resonsibility to the 21st Century

That said, not all CSR programs have to look alike. Staying true to the company’s mission and values, employers can seamlessly integrate social responsibility into their culture. Here, we have included a list of creative ways to help you bring your corporate social engagement into the 21st century.

Team Building

Improve bonds among your team members when you participate in a fun, engaging, memorable activity. Unique options like cooking workshops or tours allow employees to interact in a relaxed environment. To bring this experience into the 21st century, combine your team building and giving back budget by interacting with local orgs whose mission aligns with yours.

Wellness Programs

Yoga and other fitness classes get employees away from their desks and fill them with feel-good endorphins. When led by a nonprofit who reinvests the revenue into a local cause, booking this type of activity, contributes to both the physical wellness and emotional fulfillment of your employees. Plus, recent studies have found that healthiness and happiness leads to an increase in workplace productivity!


Volunteering no longer has to look like the traditional model of ladling soup into a bowl. Now, there are CSR activities which are as fun as they are meaningful. For example, offers walking tours that also incorporate serving individuals experiencing homelessness. Finding the right volunteer opportunity for your company not only benefits communities in need, but also attracts and retains employees.

International Days

Throughout the year, there are dozens of days recognized by the United Nations to bring international recognition to a certain cause. Whether it’s International Women’s Day or World Oceans Day, there are opportunities each month to participate in a related CSR activity. By commemorating these days, a company shows its commitment to a cause — something their employees and customers can take pride in. Close to 60% of people become more engaged with their work when they are proud of their company’s CSR.

Motivational Speakers

Inspire your employees with a talk led by figures in business and social impact, to average citizens with profound stories. According to, these types of speakers do more than just inject new energy to a company. Bringing one in also helps present new perspectives and techniques that make the world better. And perhaps just as important, it shows your employees that you are investing in their growth.


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