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5 Ways To Celebrate Volunteer Month At Work

April is Volunteer Month — a chance to acknowledge the volunteers who give their time and effort to support causes, and a chance to get involved in various efforts. With the arrival of Spring also comes more opportunities to be out and about, making April the perfect time to roll your sleeves up and contribute to a cause you already care about.

This is an especially opportune season to encourage your coworkers to gather together outside of a regular workday. Here are our top suggestions for the best ways to celebrate Volunteer Month at work.

1. Care for dogs in need

Spend an afternoon volunteering with rescued dogs and puppies at a partner no-kill organization that has cared for and re-homed more than 7,500 dogs. After an introduction to the host organization and their work, you and your team will spend 45 minutes helping with daily activities including site cleaning for the dogs or moving materials such as fallen tree branches or dog beds, followed by 45 minutes of dog-walking.

2. Help fight hunger at a unique food pantry

Gather your team to volunteer at one of the largest food pantries in New York City. This partner nonprofit serves 30,000 low-income individuals per month through a unique supermarket setup. This allows clients to shop for food with dignity, respect, and the ability to choose for themselves. Your role will be to help clients through their shopping experience, with a smile.

3. Organize a toy drive for kids in need

Through play, children learn valuable physical, emotional, and social skills. But there are many local kids without access to quality toys. Help fill this need and by working to find unwanted toys a good home. Together with your team, volunteer to organize and promote a toy collection drive. A partner nonprofit will arrange for the toys to be picked up and delivered to local organizations at the end of your collection.

4. Get your hands dirty in an urban farm

Enjoy an outdoor workday on a partner urban farm with your team. Activities involve maintenance and renovations tasks such as:

  1. Demolishing a series of small boarding sheds, preparing the ground, and constructing a purpose-built pet-boarding shed

  2. Weeding, adding manure to the ground, removing old wooden fencing, digging holes for fence posts, cementing new fence posts, and dismantling a dry-stone wall

  3. Painting a multi-functional education as well as preparing the walls and doors before undercoating and painting.

5. Spend time at a local soup kitchen

Help serve those affected by chronic hunger in New York City by volunteering your time at a partner community kitchen. Through their daily soup kitchen and food pantry, this organization provides warm meals for over 200 people every day. Support their mission to feed anyone who’s hungry by assisting in tasks such as cutting vegetables, pouring juice, sorting deliveries, wiping trays and tables, and sweeping and mopping. Lunch will be served at 11 AM.


From New York to Hong Kong, engage your offices around the world in volunteer experiences you can trust — all bookable with the click of a button on To start participating in Volunteer Month today, email


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