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5 Tips to Save the Environment at Work

The threat of global warming is rising each day. Though the current state of the environment may be disheartening, the fortunate truth is that individuals can reverse the effects of climate change through small changes.

Workers concerned about climate change who want to be able to save the environment from within the office now have options to do so beyond the 1 or 2 days a year they participate in a corporate volunteer activity. Since workers spend a large portion of their day in the office, it’s important that eco-friendly initiatives are baked into their day-to-day culture. To do this, not only can they adopt environmentally-friendly individual practices in the office, but they also have the agency to encourage their company to implement eco-conscious policies as well. 

Here are 5 simple ways you can make an impact on the environment at work.

Reuse & recycle

Some office items such as ink cartridges, photocopy paper, and boxes don’t have to go to the landfill. Leading by example, encourage your coworkers to reduce waste by reusing and recycling plastic and paper products. You can also ask your team to stop using disposable cups at the water cooler, or paper plates in the pantry, and instead, use reusable water bottles, coffee tumblers, and lunch containers. 

Nurture indoor plants

Caring for indoor plants is a great way to neutralize air pollutants and reduce your carbon footprint in the office. According to a NASA experiment that was published in 1989, indoor plants have the ability to clear dangerous organic compounds like formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Additionally, when workers care for plants indoors, they become more connected and aware with the flora outdoors. 

Encourage leadership to implement eco-friendly policies

Although environmental laws are implemented around the world, companies can go even further by ensuring their employees uniformly abide by eco-friendly policies. Some approaches you can ask your company’s leadership to try include:

  1. Regularly participating in environment-focused CSR activities from the convenience of your office. You can book thousands of experiences for a cause on‘s employee-driven CSR platform. Every eco-friendly activity will reinvest 100% of the revenue from your booking, into environmentally sustainable programs.

  2. Digitizing your office to eliminate paper use.

  3. Participating in an “Earth Hour” each day, by shutting down lights and computers during lunch break.

  4. Removing one-time-use plastic from the pantry.

Acquire furniture wisely

New furniture contributes to indoor air pollution by emitting dangerous and volatile fumes. At the same time, it is a missed opportunity to upcycle pre-loved pieces in order to reduce landfill waste.

Instead of buying new furniture, acquire lightly used tables, couches, whiteboards, and even kitchen appliances. This will not only save on costs, but will reduce your carbon footprint at work.

Adopt a green energy plan

There are endless options for you if you resolve to adopt a green energy plan. If your state bylaws allow the use of renewable energy sources (such as wind and solar), then you can work with your electricity supplier to install roof-top solar panels in your office. You can even invest in large-scale wind electricity sources if your budget allows it. These renewable energy sources eliminate the need for coal and natural gas-powered electricity sources.


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