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5 Reasons Why You Should Maintain A Good Work-Life Balance

Is it possible to give your personal life and work life all the attention they need, without neglecting either? We believe that it is — and that it is essential in getting the most out of both realms. Here are some benefits of maintaining an appropriate level of commitment to both. 1. You are able to have more meaningful experiences With a good work-life balance, you are able to focus on the present. If you are in the office, your productivity increases when you are invested on the task in front of you. On the other hand, when with friends or family, if you aren’t distracted by work, you will be able to enjoy the warmth of their love fully.

Sometimes, it is appropriate to bring together your work as well as your interests outside of work — such as giving back to the community, or celebrating your identity. With, you can bring your full self to your office culture by participating in corporate activities that support causes you care about, including women’s empowerment, LGBTQ+ issues, the environment, etc.

2. Improved Health Multiple studies have shown that working for long hours is among the major causes of most chronic illnesses today. Working under pressure causes unnecessary fatigue and stress, both of which could precipitate serious health issues such as ulcers, heart diseases, high BP, and stroke and in some cases even hearing loss. That’s why people who do not work overtime and instead use that time to socialize with family and friends rarely call in sick at work.

Depression is also a common problem with those who work overtime. Studies show that when people get constantly stressed at work, that stress grows into chronic stress and if not dealt with early enough, it leads to serious mental illnesses. A good work-life balance that maximizes the meaning of both realms, is one step towards addressing these problems. 3. It makes you knowledgeable and skillful

Monotonous repetition is a red flag for burnout. Working overtime and through weekend restricts your brain to think about work at all time, leaving it no space to explore other important aspects of life. Conversely, by giving yourself time to pursue your interests as well as learn new ideas and skills, you become a more well-rounded person in and beyond the workplace. 4. You are able to plan for your post-retirement life What will become of your life after retirement if all your energy and thoughts are centered solely on your job? Even with the best social security plan, you may find yourself struggling to regain your balance after retirement. To prepare yourself psychologically, physically, and socially for retirement, it is best to already immerse yourself in the activities that you hope to pursue during retirement, even now. 5. Increased Energy and Brainpower

By decreasing the stress of being spread too thin between work and personal life, you will be sharper mentally. Because fatigue can sometimes cause the brain to slow down, it can cause both tasks and relationships in and out of work to deteriorate. With a good life-work balance, however, you will decrease your stress, increase your energy, and  enjoy every facet of your life more fully. How Can You Find Your Work-Life Balance? Change comes from within you, yes, but it doesn’t hurt to get as much assistance as you can. There are many resources you can use to achieve work-life balance such as a‘s platform to help companies build strong giving-back cultures with high employee engagement rates, or through life coaching training. With these tools, you and your coworkers can start getting the most of your days.


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