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4 Team Activities to Fight Poverty

Addressing issues such as hunger and global warming, the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) were created to increase the overall well-being of humanity and the planet. Acquired by the United Nations Member States in 2015, the SDG’s are a 15-year plan that consists of various goals with the objective of creating a more sustainable future.

10% of the world lives in extreme poverty, which means that a large swathe of the population is unable to meet even the most basic of needs. SDG #1: No Poverty aims to eradicate poverty in every area of the world. By 2030, the goal is to completely put an end to extreme poverty, as well as reduce the amount of people living in all forms of poverty by half. Along with reducing the poverty rate, this SDG aims to ensure equal rights regardless of financial status, and implement policies and systems to protect those who are living in poverty.

To work towards this goal, you and your team can participate in these activities. As your team bonds over a good cause, 100% of host revenue goes towards an organization that makes an impact on low-income families and individuals.

Organize a Hygiene & Cleaning Supply Drive

Help restore dignity to individuals in need by collecting and donating essential toiletries and cleaning supplies. Encourage your team to give items such as toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, trash bags, and more. This activity will benefit clients for a partner organization that serves those experiencing homelessness, by providing them with basic needs as they work towards independent living.

Create Classic Cocktails for a Cause

Get creative in fighting poverty. Learn how to make classic cocktails with your team while also donating money to an important cause. Revenue generated by this experience will go towards employing and providing resources to offer those affected by poverty sustainable income.

Give Toys to Kids in Need

Playing is an important part of a child’s physical and emotional development, but unfortunately, not all children are able to. By organizing a toy drive with a partner organization, your team will have the chance to collect toys for children who otherwise would not have had access to them. This activity will benefit an organization that empowers low-income families and reduces plastic landfill waste by giving old toys new life.

Sort Donations

Spend a meaningful afternoon with your team sorting through items for low-income families. Through activities such as organizing shoes by size, age, and gender, your participation will support children and their parents get the resources that they need to thrive. Revenue from this activity goes towards supporting an organization that helps families transition out of poverty.

To start fighting poverty as a corporate team, and to explore even more ways to make a difference, contact us at


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