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Top product features launched in 2023's favorite product updates from 2023
Explore how is helping social impact professionals manage events, improve employee participation, and enhance community impact.

As the product team plans the 2024 roadmap for — mission control for all of our corporate partners — let’s first look back at the most significant features we launched in 2023. 


We’re proud of the updates we implemented last year to Not only did we improve the platform’s user experience, making for intuitive navigation, but also we built functionality designed to make it easier for corporate partners to discover and track the success of their team’s social impact experiences.

Here, we interview several team members to learn the game-changing product features that are making planning, executing, and reporting on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) programs a breeze. 

Single Sign-On (SSO) registration's Single Sign-On (SSO) enables seamless registration

"Enabling SSO (Single Sign-On) makes the process of registering and joining virtual events quick and seamless. SSO also helps increase attendance by simplifying the joining process and reducing drop-off at this stage.

This feature ensures we are meeting the technical preferences and security procedures of our corporate partners."

Collections enable experience discovery's Collections feature helps corporate partners find new social impact experiences.

"Collections allow our corporate partners to easily view groups of experiences by social impact area, observance, and category (such as disaster relief, food insecurity, International Women's Day, and more). Corporate partners can also build their own collections around specific CSR pillars and internal company holidays.


With Collections, corporate partners can discover new experiences, garner engagement from impact teams within their organization, and align social impact experiences with their corporate CSR and DEIB strategies."

A data-rich event dashboard's Event Dashboard helps corporate partners understand the impact of each CSR event.

"The new event dashboard promotes employee participation, is easy to navigate, and allows quick access to important event information such as who’s registered, who attended, and how many folks canceled or couldn’t attend. All this information can be exported and we can even send a quick message to everyone who’s registered, or only to those who attended.


These features help our corporate partners better understand and track employee engagement at their events."

Learn more about the’s platform, and how it can help streamline your company’s social impact programming. Schedule a call with a team member today! 


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