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15 Ways to Safely Volunteer During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The COVID-19 crisis has changed everything. Our normal routines have been uprooted and replaced with unfamiliar alternatives. Most of us are unable to see the ones we love, do the things we enjoy, and live with the freedom we are used to. But during this time of loss, isolation and restlessness, many of us are wondering: What can we do to help?

Right now, the classic volunteer starter kit of a hair net and a ladle just doesn’t cut it. But being stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t do good — it just means it’s time to get creative. is here to make social responsibility possible anytime, anywhere. Embrace the solitude and get started with a solo project, or gather your WFH quaran-team and start making an impact from exactly where you’re sitting.

  1. Give career advice to high school students Use your professional expertise to help students make decisions about their future with CareerVillage.

  2. Learn about animal rights with your coworkers Hear from the founder of the Nonhuman Rights Project and see how you can make a change to support animal rights.

  3. Support struggling families through FaceTime Safe Families for Children connects at-risk families to volunteers, or “family friends”, to provide encouragement and support.

  4. Cut, sew or collect face masks for NY healthcare workers Neighbors For Refugees created a state-wide call to action with Masks For NY.

  5. Host a virtual Lunch & Learn to support homeless youth Educate your team by supporting Youth Without Shelter, an organization combating youth homelessness.

  6. Connect with isolated seniors Make caring calls to older adults living on their own through Shepherd’s Centers of America.

  7. Become a foster pup parent Muddy Paws Rescue is home to furry friends who need a place to crash.

  8. Make No-Sew blankets for children in need Gather your team and some supplies to create cozy comfort with Room to Grow, a nonprofit supporting low-income parents.

  9. Attend a workshop to prevent gender based violence during COVID-19 Host an educational team event with A Call to Men, a unique organization promoting healthy and respectful manhood.

  10. Write a thank you note to a front-line social worker Brooklyn Community Services has an online portal to submit letters of appreciation to some of our most important workers.

  11. Assist a blind or visually impaired person from home Download the app Be My Eyes and lend a simple helping hand at the touch of a button.

  12. Support people as a crisis counselor Talk someone through a difficult moment through the Crisis Text Line.

  13. Treat your kids to a unique story hour Support performers and encourage inclusivity by inviting Drag Queen Story Hour into your home.

  14. Attend a listening workshop to support pediatric patients Improve your team’s listening and perception skills while supporting ArtWorks, a nonprofit that promotes artistic expression in pediatric hospitals.

  15. Be an online translator Support Translators Without Borders in their mission to close the language gap and increase access to important information.

Use this time to do good alone or with a team. Volunteerism and corporate social responsibility projects can still survive and thrive from the comfort of home. Engage your employees remotely to promote community involvement and team spirit.

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