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How IPG Mediabrands supports DEIB for over 20,000 employees


Of participants want IPG Mediabrands to host more social impact events


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With 20,000 employees, IPG Mediabrands is dedicated to creating a workplace environment where diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) is prioritized. was tasked with streamlining and managing IPG Mediabrands’ DEIB programming and equipping the company’s CSR team with tools to host meaningful social impact experiences that support local communities.


Prior to the partnership, IPG Mediabrands’ DEIB events involved hiring speakers for panels. Jillian Morgan, IPG Mediabrands’ director of community and wellness, wanted to redirect the company’s social impact funds to support local DEIB missions. Jillian and her dedicated account manager worked closely to create programming strategies around key observance dates, such as Pride Month.

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IPG Mediabrands now hosts virtual experiences ranging from DEIB workshops to drag queen bingo. Jillian easily books experiences using the platform and measures the success of events by calculating employee participation and individual anecdotes from’s post-event survey tool. With, Jillian knows that every CSR dollar improves employee belonging and invests in the wider community.

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