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How Gen fosters positive company culture following a merger


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The digital safety company Gen experienced a merger in 2022, resulting in new corporate values and an expanded global workforce. With over half of Gen’s workforce now residing outside the U.S., Gen needed a reliable partner to expand its employee engagement program worldwide. The goal: organize a first-ever Global Volunteer day with a variety of in-person, on-demand, and virtual social impact experiences.

Solution helped Gen plan, host, and implement a Global Volunteer Day involving 16 activities. Gen’s Social Impact team has ample experience working with large organizations, but they needed help sourcing activities with local nonprofits. Gen and hosted experiences in India, Ireland, Czech Republic, and the U.S. with 14 nonprofit partners.

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Over 550 employees around the world participated in the Global Volunteer Day, resulting in 900 volunteer hours and 2,400 community members impacted. Experiences ranged from creating hygiene kits to beach cleanups to mentoring students and more. Plus, employees had the opportunity to meet each other in person and connect over shared experiences. The Global Volunteer Day introduced employees to Gen’s new company values and helped foster a culture of positivity after a significant merger.

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