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Scalable employee engagement that gives your team a powerful reason to keep showing up

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Unparalleled variety

An ever-growing library of exclusive experiences worldwide, all aligned with impact areas your employees care about and the U.N.'s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Global scale

Scale your programming globally with cutting-edge tech to help plan, promote, execute, and report on the success of each experience. 

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Expert team

We’re a global team of experts with heart. We built the social impact employee engagement industry, and every experience meets our perfectionist standards.

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Automatic reporting

Automatically capture in real time all event participation and impact data with robust reporting and surveying tools.

Run successful employee
engagement programs with ease

Advanced filters

Discover the perfect experience, every time

Explore an exclusive library of carefully curated social impact experiences that align with your team’s core values. Advanced filters enable you to find and book an experience in seconds.

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Easy management

Promote all of your events from one place

Send calendar holds, automated reminders, and messages to your employees for maximum participation.

Automatic reporting

Never lose unreported volunteer hours again

Measure employee engagement output and outcomes with real-time data collection.

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Testimonial "I'll go ahead and cancel the rest of my day... There's nothing that's going to beat this! Thank you all."
Testimonial "So grateful to be part of an organization that actively gives back to communities across the country!"

Built-in surveys and analytics

Gain unique insight into
employee sentiment analyzes event content so you know what your employees are feeling right now. Nuanced employee polls get an 80% response rate so together we can improve your participation rate from one event to the next.

Our exclusive experience library

Exceptional social impact
delivered anytime, anywhere

Experiences for every need, including hands-on and skills-based volunteering, team building, learning and development, wellness, and more!


Omaha, Nebraska


Improve DEI in the Workplace by "Breaking Your Bubble”

Hygiene Kit Volunteers

Orlando, Florida

Hands-on volunteering

Build Hygiene Kits for Those Vulnerable in Your Community


New York, New York


DEI Workshop and Theatrical Performance

Volunteers Cleaning Beach

Dublin, Ireland

Hands-on volunteering

Join a Beach Clean Up Initiative and Learn About Marine Pollution

Public Speaker

Bengaluru, India